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January 2019: Refurbishment with new carpets in all rooms on our second floor
new carpet 2nd floorThe new carpets in the rooms on our second floor provide a sense of luxury and coziness.
And we really like the colours!

November 2018: New armchairs in rooms on first floor  
All our 14 rooms on the first floor have now new, elegant leather armchairs in accentuating colors.

June 2018: New, Stronger WiFi Access Points
In odrer to provide excellent service to our guests, we have replaced all wifi access points by new and stronger ones.

January 2018: Digital ConciergeSuitePad
We are the first hotel in Freiburg to offer a digital concierge in every  room. The computer Tablets offer great service in terms of information and enterntainment.

Charging electric cars
In our garage, it is now possible to charge electric cars. The devices with type 2 cable connection offer an output of 11 kW per hour. You can stay at the Central Hotel and conveniantly recharge your car. Our reception will gladly accept your reservation for this special underground car park.
New Lobby Ceiling
A mirror pannel above the lobby renders the whole room more elegant... 
Air conditioning in every room
We have equipped all the 28 rooms on the first and second floor with air conditioning. Now the entire hotel is air conditioned. 
Spring 2016, Air conditioning ground floor:
We have installed air conditioning in the breakfast and conference area as well as our hotel lobby and hope to provide more comfort for our guests during thesummer months.
January 2016: refurbishing of rooms on the fourth floor
We have started to refurbish four rooms on the fourth floor with new floors and new furniture.

28th November 2015
Our new wifi system  is operating from  today. The improvements include powerful access pooints, glass fibre cable and additional, interference-free 5GHz frequency. We are very pleased to be able to provide this essentially improved, but still free of charge,  service.

July 2015: Virtual 360° Tour
Visit the CENTRAL HOTEL with our newly installed 360° Tour.
May 2015: Floor refurbishment on ground floor
A brand new carpet improves the look of our hotellobby, bar and breakfast room.
January 2015: Satellite TV
In order to improve the choice of TV channels, especially for our international guests, we have installed satellite reception. A wide range of national and international high quality tv and radio channels is now available in all our rooms.

December 2014: Smoke  and Fire Alarm
The whole guest area has been equiped with a modern smoke and fire alarm system to provide maximum possible security.

Stronger WiFi Network
As we had several guest feedbacks regarding the quality of our WiFi connection, we have upgraded all our equipment in order to provide a reliable service. 

Refurbishment of first floor in January 2014 completed
The latest stage of our renovations has successfully been completed. All the rooms on the first floor have been equipped with new floors and furnishing. We are happy to present the result with 14 top quality rooms available for our guests.
Free WiFi
We will be happy to offer our WiFi as a free additional service from the 1st January 2014.

Overnight Tax
From the 1st January 2014 the city of Freiburg will claim an overnight tax of 5 % of the roomrate. Business related stays are tax-exempt. Please bring a filled-in form from your employer (see the city of Freiburg's pre- print) with you or send it to us before your stay.
Further information as well as pre-printed forms can be found at:

Renovation of all our rooms on the third floor completed in February 2013
All 14 rooms on the third floor have been refurbished and redecorated. We are very pleased with the esult and we hope our guests wil enjoy staying in these fresh and elegant rooms.
Renewable energy
We are using electricity from sources of 100% renewable energy.
Luxurious Suite, March 2012
As planned and promised, we are very happy to present our beautiful, newly built suite on the 4th floor. For more information please click the button rooms.
Breakfast Buffet, February 2012
The renovation of our breakfast buffet area by interior designer Tina zu Schwabedissen is completed with an elgant and precious result.
Renovation of parking area and entrance
The focus of our investments for 2011 was mainly on the outside area of the Central Hotel. We hope you like the result.